About Me(g)

Hello!  I am an artist, a designer, a free thinker, and above all else – a constant idea generator. In fact, this blog is an example of one of my many ideas. I started this blog to engage people in my art – allowing my work to become participatory. My idea was to plan a once-a-month trip to an architecturally significant building in the Bay Area, then invite folks for a free tour, asking in return their sketches, photographs, and words to put on display here. While I have found keeping this project up to be way more work than anticipated, it was a fun experiment and followed my mantra of finding joy through doing, rather than not trying.

I thought about ditching this blog altogether – when I realized that the majority of my posts share the same, unifying theme – participatory art. It quite possibly could be my favorite form of art. Among the many ideas I come up with, the ones that catch my attention the most are based on examples of projects I have come across.

So, in the spirit of continuing this project, the shift will focus slightly from personal work to presenting projects that I simply love. Who knows, perhaps you will be inspired and create one of your own! To see more of my personal work, check out my website, which includes a few pARTicipatory projects of my very own.



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