street pARTicipatory project

everyone hits bumps in the road. consider this mine, which kept me from updating my blog. I thought about quitting this project (having a blog) altogether, but as it turns out, people read this! and guess what. I have come across some very interesting projects which I am now going to share.

recently, I have really been into street art. I myself just finished painting a mural on a prominent wall in a very visible neighborhood here in san francisco. enough of a pitch about that (perhaps a post to come), I dedicate the next few (that is right, FEW, so more than one!) posts to street art. specifically with the factor of pARTicipation-the one true thing I will keep whilst perpetually being behind on updating my blog.

we have all seen clever ways to reuse existing elements transforming them into something new. I love art like this, because it cuts back on material costs. why make or create something new when there is so much existing out there? enough about that. that is not what this post is about. a common example would be reusing a bathtub as a planter for flowers. it can be beautiful (if done right and especially in the right spot) but its mighty functional. boom. done.

how about this project? take a cruddy, graffitied, tagged (often with shitty tagging), falling apart facade and do something with it. these fun pockets reuse advertising signage and turn them into small planters. what a way to really beautify the neighborhood, without new construction. in fact, the artists have even posted a template so that anyone can create their own poster pockets fulls of plants.

check out their blog here. loads of pictures. bravo sean and eric. I am very selective on what I choose to blog about, but this project is just too cool.


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World of blogging - follow me through my social experiment of gathering friends once a month on architectural walks of the lovely Bay Area. See what they produce through sketches, photos, thoughts, and other images - based on the knowledge I present to them.
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