Experience 1/12 – results!

Wow, keeping up a blog is a lot of work.  I thought I was going easy on myself by only committing to one project a month, so I suppose I should applaude my brilliant thinking…any more posting would have been too much!  Enough excuses aside, visit 1/12 was wonderful; we had amazing warm, sunny, welcoming creative January weather.

Since this blog is about the work people produce, I dont want to talk too much about the building.  However, since this blog is also about architecture – I will share some of what I presented during our visit:

The church took three years to build and was designed by three local Bay area architects, one Italian architect and one very well known Italian structural engineer (all men). Completed in 1971, the building blends both modern and iconic religious design – which provides an effect of being lighter than air, despite its mass.  Extending 90 feet down into bedrock, four large pylons evenly distribute the weight of the sweeping parabolic roof.  The roof is composed of 1,680 pre-cast triangular coffers of varying size to support the peak (or cupola) of the structure.

The interior houses a large suspended sculpture (above the alter) weighing in at one ton, standing 15 stories high.  Stained glass introduces light in a surprising and breathtaking colorful experience.  A pipe organ with unique spanish trumpets makes a loud (and slightly eerie) sound.  During our visit, I noticed everyone’s gaze immediately reaching skyward – opening their hearts and their minds to the beauty above.

Thank you to Ricky, Tom, Stephanie and Juan for sharing your experience!


About megstevens

World of blogging - follow me through my social experiment of gathering friends once a month on architectural walks of the lovely Bay Area. See what they produce through sketches, photos, thoughts, and other images - based on the knowledge I present to them.
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