Experience 1/12

I am excited to announce my first experiENCE of 2011.  Many of you have seen this building, its form is strange and from the exterior, it stands as a rather unique building against the city’s surrounding sea of victorians.  All thoughts and opinions (of the exterior) aside, the interior is stunning.  We will start the tour off with yours truly providing some information about the building – like the architect, the important features, and fun facts.  Then I will give you guys time to get creative – capturing your own experience – through sketches, photos, words, etc.

building – the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

architect – Pietro Belluschi

location – 1111 Gough Street SF, CA (corner of Gough and Geary)

date – Sunday, January 23rd, 2010

time – 2 – 4 pm

fun fact – the interior rests on four large pylons (as opposed to alternating structural columns) supporting between nine and ten million pounds each

after – join me for a drink.  see you there!


About megstevens

World of blogging - follow me through my social experiment of gathering friends once a month on architectural walks of the lovely Bay Area. See what they produce through sketches, photos, thoughts, and other images - based on the knowledge I present to them.
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2 Responses to Experience 1/12

  1. Michael H. says:

    I’d say the most important fact that I know is the structural engineer was Pier Luigi Nervi, famous for designing structures that look like force diagrams.

  2. Bridget says:

    Love this BLOG! Huge fan 😉

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